Aim and Objectives

Our aim:

To develop the socio economic life of persons with disabilities in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities (UNCRPD)  and other existing

Our Objectives:

1. Work to change the negative attitudes towards persons with disabilities in society.

2. To encourage all sectors of people about inclusive education of students with disabilities in school, college and university education and support to create favorable education environment.

3. To ensure employment of persons with disabilities according to their qualification.

4. To protect the human rights and ensure the basic needs of citizens with disabilities and at national level to ensure active participation of citizens with disabilities at all levels of policy and program implementation.

5. To find and strengthen the way to build a sustainable society on the basis equality and equity.

6. To ensure disabled friendly transportation for persons with disabilities, especially those who uses different assistive devices.

7. To ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities in all spheres.

8. To play the role as facilitator to increase the capacity or skills of concerned citizens with disabilities or disabled peoples organizations (dpo) to speed up the social programs.

9. To assist and provide necessary support to achieve the opportunity and facilities those are announced from government and various institutions for citizens with disabilities. Also work as a role of media and bonding bridge between the different institution to ensure the rights and active participation of citizens with disabilities.

10. To work individually or collectively to create public opinion on important policies.

11. To implement the aim and objectives of the organization will take necessary steps to collect survey and data collection, evaluation of the formally recognized government and international organizations and also to be informed of other issues and use it where necessary.

12. To involve the media and people of different classes and professions to create public awareness.

13. To disseminate scientific and legal information on disability and promote the publications on the daily needs of persons with disabilities and to broadcast in other Medias.

14. To encourage various public and private institutions and businessmen to perform their social responsibility for persons with disabilities.

15. To assist empowering persons with disabilities by ensuring their participation in socio economic activities.